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Barely There Shaping Panties

Second Skin Butt Enhancers

Imagine wearing Butt Enhancing Padded Underwear and totally forgot you have it on? Feel Roxy's Barely There Butt Boosters will turn that dream into reality!
Second Skin Booty Shaping Enhancers have a perfect fit and weightless feel. The best thing about them is that you don't see them - no funny shapes under your clothes. So whether your mission is to impress someone's heart or just fill out the sagging pants, this popular collection of second skin Padded Panties will always be a “mission accomplished”.
Butt Padding is also used for snowboarding and skiing. As a beginner you fall quite a lot so you need a little bit of butt protection.There are a lot of options out there but buying our lightweight panties with butt pads is the most affordable and comfortable way to protect your asset.
More Undetectable Buttock Booster Panties available on our Padded Underwear web page, with different butt enhancement solutions: From Soft Bouncy Silicone Gel Pads to Built-in Padding.

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