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Before & After Enhancers

Before and After Padded Panties! Before and After Butt Lift Panties, and Butt Enhancing Shapers!

Do you want to look incredible for that special occasion but unfortunately you don't have enough money to pay for personal trainers or enough time for recovery after cosmetic surgery? Feel Roxy's Butt Boosters and Butt Enhancers will transform your entire body in a matter of seconds, making you look and feel IncreBODYble Bodylicious!

Highwaist Body Secret Shaper
This All in ONE Shaper reshapes your entire figure. The strong powernet fabric smooths your soft midsection, flattens the back rolls and love handles while perfectly hidden butt pads in the back of the garment plumps your back side. Available colors: Black, Beige (Tan). Sizes:S, M, L, XL, XXL


Hip Enhancer - Hippy
When there is no other option to enhance the hip area try Padded Hips Enhancer. Improve your box shaped unattractive figure with Padded Hip Panties. You'll look so much more feminine and curvaceous! Available colors: Nude, Black. Sizes:S, M, L, XL, XXL


Padded Underwear - Lolly Pop
Unbeatable deal on these SIX pairs in Six Different colors Padded Underwear Enhancer with removable, matching Butt Pads. Yes, padded panties can look cute and sexy!
 One size fits most!


Padded Boxers - Boombastic
Unbeatable deal on SIX pairs of our Padded Boxers in SIX different colors for the price of TWO!
The best thing about these SIX different colors in a pack Padded Panties is that you don't have to wear everyday the same boring colors. The pads matches the panty color (Beige, Black, White, Pink, Purple, and Soft Pastel Green). 
Padded panties don't have to be boring!

Laser-Cut Zebra Padded Panties - Acrobutt
Sexy one piece molded after real human body Laser Cut Padded Panties - Zebra are so lightweight perfect for hot summer days. Trow into this enhancer matching zebra bra and you'll look outstanding! Even your boyfriend (husband) won't know about your "secret"!

Padded Panty - Pink Panther
Need different color, one piece butt enhancers than the traditional black and beige? Good news! Padded Panty - Pink Panther comes in FOUR different beautiful colors: Girly Pink, Soft Blue, Skin like Beige, and Black. One piece Butt Shaper. Just slip-n-go. Lightweight and so sexy! Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

High-Waist Padded Girdle
If you like our High waist Secret Shaper then you'll love this one too. FOUR in ONE High Waist Padded Undergarment is more than just a Highwaist Panties. Comfy enough to wear all day every day. High Waisted for hiding all your imperfection such as big belly or back fat. The foam padding is removable for convenient washing. You can customize the look with any of our Butt Pads we sell on our web page! 
One Size Fits Most (100-150 pounds). Available Colors: Beige, Black


Butt Lifter Panties - Buttox
One piece sexy and hot g-string butt lift lingerie will lift your own booty making your behind look higher and juicier without adding some extra padding. Provides very natural lift. Comfy for all day, every day use. Available colors: Black, Beige (Tan). Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Padded Bikini - Booty Call

No one will ever know you are wearing padded bikini unless you tell them. Adjustable string side straps for customizing a perfect fit. Built-in Pads are perfectly hidden between the layers. Available Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S/M, L/XL


Padded Panty - Comforbuttable

Need Padded Panties with extra long butt padding? Then Comforbuttable are the right panties for you. Extended leg butt booster with beautiful lace for final touch and two removable thick pads. Great for people spending hours sitting or for people with coccus pain. Available colors: Black, Nude. Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Padded Underwear - Bootylicious

Need everyday Butt Booster? Low rise Bootylicious Padded Panties is a pocket panty with removable foam butt pads for customizing the look with any of the padding we offer on our Butt Pads Page! Super comfy material allows you to wear the garment all day long without any discomfort or sweating! Great for a boost in the butt enhancement department. Set of 3/4" foam pads included.
Available Colors-Beige, Black.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Seamless Padded Panties - Bootycita

It takes one pair of undetectable Padded Panties - Bootycita to look like a mamacita again. This Butt Enhancer is so soft and invisible, you will forget you have it on. The Butt Enhancers look just like your typical boxer underwear, except the perfectly hidden butt padding which will take your butt to another level. Available in Colors Beige (Tan), Black. Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Silicone Padded Underwear - Silicone Booty

If you want the closest to a natural touch feeling get Padded Panty - Silicone Booty! The panties are made of very high quality stretchy material. Midrise padded panties for smoothing the belly and two removable round 100% gel pads.Available Colors: Tan, Black. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


Liquid Filled Push Up Breast Padding

Do you notice the difference that “Breast Enhancers” can make? These liquid filled, natural to the touch push up breast pads offers a visible breast lift and beautiful cleavage instantly. They are great to use in bra pockets, swimsuits, wedding gowns and much more. They are also durable and re-usable.


The Secret is Out!

You can choose from teeny weeny padded bikinis to extended leg butt enhancer. You don't have to worry all the time how your bum looks! Just jump on in your padded undies or butt lifter and voila, instant transformation. No fake unnatural shapes under the clothes! Go from Flat to Fab!

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