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Butt Boosters Guide

Tips and Tricks and How to Look Your Best with Padded Panties and Butt Lifting Bra.

So what do you do if you are not blessed with a round, nice bottom? Women make their purchasing decision based on how the rear end looks in the clothes. This is where Butt Shapers comes into play! Most people would agree that the breasts and the buttocks look best when held high on the body. If all you need is to tone and lift, you can get round, firm butt lift naturally without going under the knife. It's so easy to turn your rear into a bubble butt (no butt implants, or exercises required!). How? With Butt Lifting Underwear. Butt Lifters are just like a bra but for your booty! The "holes" on the back of the garment are design to lift the butt cheeks up and out and that's going to give very natural lifted look simply because it is your own body, even If you have very tiny booty. Another benefit of Butt Enhancers is if you are sitting for extended period of time and need cushioned support, or just to add touch of booty to fill out your pants and look more curvaceous, Padded Panties undoubtedly can solve the problem. "You might not be a movie star but you can be a booty star". Just wear our Buttock Shapers Undergarments and your butt literally reshapes into beautiful plump derriere. The best part is there's no need to spend thousands of dollars on surgery and recovery. Your favorite jeans, skirts, dresses or business suit can make your tush look like a million bucks, especially if you wear them with a pair of "Bigger Butt Bumkini". If you are looking for bigger curves like Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams or JLO effect, if you are with square, boyish figure with narrow hips, if lose weight that it actually hurts to sit, try Padded Panties - Comforbuttable, Hip and Butt Booster - Button, and Padded Hipster - Hipnotic. For hot summer days we recommend our lowrise and mid waist light-weight fabric Padded Panties, perfect for low-rise jeans, mini skirts, dresses or light fabric pants. For more natural to the touch feeling or if you think someone may "slap" your booty definitely try Feel Roxy's Silicone Butt Enhancers, Silicon Padded Underwear, and Silicone Padded Panties. For everyday use, we recommend Foam Padded Bubble Panties which are super comfortable, breathable, and don't make you perspire. Fixing a few issues at once try 4, YES 4 in 1 Control Highwaist Padded Girdle which slimming you waistline, flattening the belly, and remove backrolls while giving you a beautiful round butt, in one word, body to die for. With over 400 combination of padded panties our bodyshaping butt and hip boosters are far from granny looking panties. No one will ever know you have them on but they will notice your sexy silhouette! If you don't have it, fake it! 

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