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Skin-like Feeling 100% Silicone Buttock/Hip Replacements, and Foam Rear Pads

If you are unhappy with how your buns fill up your jeans or swimsuit, if an illness  has left you with less "padding" than before, here is a trick-Butt Pads! For more natural look, try Silicone Jiggly Pads, for all day comfort, try Foam Pads. Butt Padding is most commonly used among shemale customers but they are also used by ice skaters (Booty Pads are a way to learn a new jump, or move and not be afraid to fall). Bikers, Horseback Riders, and Snowboarders are another group of our enhancing panty pads users.  On this page you will find replacement  pads for your butt panty as well as our sticky pads implants. Silicone Pads are water resistant, so they are perfect for all of your water adventures!

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