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Facts About Butt Boosters

Find the facts on which Butt Shapers best fits your personal shape, needs and budget.

For many decades women have been seeking accessories and garments that will enhance their booty. In the past these garments have been very uncomfortable, hot, and made of non-breathable materials. Feel Roxy has a beautiful line of booty enhancers made from stretchy and breathable materials which allows you to move freely and feel comfortable all day.

The next question is - how to determine which garment is the right choice for the quality and price? The list below will help you choose between padded panties with removable foam pads, padded underwear with removable silicon padding, pre-shaped enhancers (molded after the human body) or booty and bra lifters.

Positive and Negative About Butt Enhancers!

foam-butt-pads1.jpgFoam Padded Panties!

Positive: Looking for super light, every day butt shaper to enhance your beauty? Try light weight foam padded panties. You won't feel them at all.
Negative: Foam Padding get flatten over time.

silicone-butt-pads2.jpgSelf Adhesive Booty Pads!

Positive: Need Butt Enhancers pads that you can comfortably and securely wear with your favorite underwear, pants or jeans? Self Adhesive Butt Pads are the ideal solutions. Just press the pads inside of your underwear or jeans and the sticky layer will hold them securely in place.
Negative: The truth is that over time, the adhesive can wear out.

silicone-butt-pads-soft3.jpgSilicone Padded Booster!

Positive: Trying to find Butt Enhancers that actually looks and feels real? Silicone Butt Pads are made of very high quality soft silicone gel forms, same as the silicone breast implants.
Negative: Silicone Pads are slightly heavier compared to Foam Butt Pads.

bootycode-one-pc4.jpgPre-Shaped Padded Panty!

Positive: They are as easy as putting on a pair of panties, select from various size enhancing options depending on your mood or occasion. Quick and easy.
Negative: Can't customize the look like other pocket panties.

facts-about-butt-lifters-butt.jpgButt Lifters!

Positive: If you want to shape and enhance on a hot summer days or you have just enough back there and don't need the help of a butt padding, butt lift panties will do the perfect job. They are open at the butt cheeks area and the "holes" will push up and out your own butt. Even if someone's touches you, they will never second guessing you because they actually touch your own skin.
Negative: The only negative is that if you have super tiny butt, the difference will be barely noticeable!


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