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Female Butt Shapes

Do You Know Your Butt Type?

None of us have the same Body Shape. And in particular, our butts come in all shapes and sizes. Are you familiar with different Butt Shapes? Let's explore them:


v-butt-shape2.jpgInverted "V" Shaped Butt: The waist is smaller than the hips. The V- shaped has fullness at the hips and top of the butt, but narrows in size and shape towards the bottom of the butt. The butt is much bigger than the waist. This projects the appearance that the butt is heavier than it is. The shape of the smaller waist in comparison to the larger butt creates the appearance of a V.

Shaped Butt or also called (masculine looking butt): Square butts are equal in size from waist to hips. This creates a flat appearance. These body types contain low amount of fat at their waist. It is often very difficult to reshape them and requires aggressive and hard surgeries to reshape them.

round-butt-shape4.jpgRound Butt
also called Cherry Shaped Booty and Bubble Butt: These butts are almost even all around and appear round. The Waist to hip ratio of the person with round butts is equal. It has a very full appearance. The problem with this shape of butt is that too much fat in the butt can make this butt disproportionate to the rest of the body. These butts can be easier to shape than other types by incorporating a well-balanced diet with good macro nutrient balance and exercise. This way you may be able to get rid of any excess fat on the butt. However, keeping in mind that it is very difficult to spot reduce fat off the body.

(A-Shaped Butt or also called Oval Booty): Most consider this the most attractive and sexiest shape butt. An A-shaped butt has a smaller top and flared large bottom at the bottom by the thighs. Women with this butt shape have a smaller waistline wherein the body increases in volume going down. This shape is easier to enhance than others. However, there is generally not a lot of fat that is available to create a bigger shape. Therefore their expansion is bit difficult. However if excessive fat is available they can be made more prominent and beautiful.

What is Your Butt Shape?

We have booty shapewear for all different butt types. From Padded Panties with thin padding and extra thick butt pads, to butt lifters where no pad is needed.

To achieve a Heart-shaped butt we recommend our Heart shape Padded Bikini - Bumkini, and Heart Shaped Padded Bikini - Booty Call.

To fix and Inverted V-shaped butts try Control High Waist Padded Panties or All in One Bamboo Body Shaping Suit

To shape Round butt ("Cherry" Butt) we recommend our Molded Padded Underwear such as Preshaped Padded Panties -Peek a Boo, Padded Panties - Pink Panther, Shaper Panties - Body Code, Laser Cut Zebra Padded Panties, and Laser Cut Padded Panty - Booty Code.

To correct Square Butt, try Butt and Hip Enhancer - Button, and Padded Panties - Unbuttable. If you rather your own body, try our Invisible Under Clothes Butt Lifters!


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