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Shapers by Body Type


Alteration of Body Shape!
Different body structures and how to shape them instantly!

As the summer begins to make itself more apparent we all become more aware of the different female body shapes there are. Generally there are 4 different types of female body shapes: hourglass, pear shaped, apple shaped, square shaped.So what is the most sought after shape? You guessed right: it is the hourglass figure that only 8.4% of all female have.

Most popular deviations of hourglass bodies are Apple- Shape (top and tummy heavy; 25% of female population), Pear- Shape (bottom heavy; 20% of female population), and Square Shape (about 47% of female population). Since we can't change genetics, body shaping garment undoubtedly could do the sculpting and smoothing of unattractive parts or inflate assets to shift the focus to other parts of our bodies.

What is your body type? If you are not happy with what you have, we are here to help you. Little changes can make such a BIG difference!

An Apple Shaped body carries weight in the chest and stomach, and often has slim legs and arms. The instantaneous fix to balance the Apple body shape is to create the illusion of a balanced body, while focusing attention to the legs, hips and/or arms.

With Padded Panties and Waist Cincher you can do that or you can get padded panties with a control top like our Highwaist Body Secret Shaper and fix few issues at once! Now you can finally look and feel dazzling in all your favorite clothes and no one will know your secret. Shhhh, just give it a try!

What is a Pear-Shaped Body? The Pear- Shaped bodies also known as the triangle is the most common female body shape. Typically hips are wider than the shoulders, thighs are round, and the bustline is smaller as well. Remember, you can be, short, tall, skinny, or heavy and still be a pear- shaped.

The fat is sited mainly in the thighs and rear end area. About 20% of the female population are pear- shaped but here at FeelRoxy.com we can fix that. To diminution hips and overstate buttocks, try our Thighs Shaper (Buttractive). If for some reason you have back rolls ( not typical for pear-shaped bodies), we have your back covered. Bamboo Body Shapewear- (Highwaist Bamboo No Sweat Fabric). Just wear and look your self in the mirror. Your body is transformed instantly!

You can check to see if you are apple or pear-shaped by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement. This will give you your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Women with waist-to-hip ratios of more than 0.8 and men with waist-to-hip ratios of more than 1.0 are apple-shaped. An Apple and a Pear may weigh the same but look completely different, thanks to fat distribution.

Rectangle Body shape,sometimes called an "H" shape is pretty even from shoulders to the hips. Fat is located in the chest, buttocks, and abdomen. About 47% of the female population has this body type ( very typical for cross dressers).

How to fix it? This is easy to do with a few tricks called Padded Panties. Still not enough? Throw Slimming Cincher Belt or our best selling Bamboo Shapewear which is designed to create that hourglass silhouette. Genius!

Floppy, Saggy Butt Condition
As you age, your skin loses its flexibility and muscle tone decreases. This process often causes certain parts of our body, such as the breast, stomach, and butt, to be less rigid or appear flabby. The best and quick way to lift a sagging buttocks without any additional padding are Butt Lifters. Our Bum Lifting Underwear instantly lift the bottom and make it firm and smooth making your butt chicks pop from behind in just snap of a finger.

So? What are you waiting for? Show to the world your "new" YOU!


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